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Library and Workshop

Library and Workshop


The Role of the Library

• Databases and many types of archived content for viewing
Many types of information related to industrial technology and innovation that cannot be put on display in exhibitions are available here in the form of books, video, and digital archives.

Outline of the Library

• Archived content for viewing
KIGS makes available to the public various databases that it has compiled, including databases on “Corporate Industrial Technology,” “Examples of Technological Innovation,” “Legacy Information from Industry,” and an “Industrial Technology Chronology.”
Also, it shows a video produced by KIGS, “The Story of Technological Innovation,” and makes available various high-quality industrial films both old and new from around Japan, plus video materials related to technology and design.

• Books and written materials for viewing
KIGS collects magazines and books specializing in the fields of industrial technology and design (rare books and new books). Among these are valuable library materials that are now out of print. These materials can be searched, viewed, and sometimes borrowed (only some materials).


The Role of the Workshop

• A place to create things experimentally
Engineers and designers working toward the same objective can gather here to discuss their techniques or ideas, and make actual prototypes. The workshop (studio) functions as a hands-on place to share processes leading to technology development. A new type of community can easily emerge.

• Workshop experiential program
With the cooperation of many top-notch engineers who have developed exceptional technologies or techniques, various programs are carried out to heighten people’s interest in technology and to train people in production techniques.

Outline of the Workshop

• Major types of machinery available
Three types of production-related equipment are available for use in the workshop -- metalworking machinery, woodworking machinery, and various types of welding tools. These are accompanied by a 3D scanner and modeling machine for each area to assist in producing mockups and for use in the design process. By using these equipment, a wide variety of products can be designed, reviewed, and made, from robots and solar cars to furniture.

• A place to observe manufacturing
The glass wall of the workshop allows outsiders to observe the equipment inside in actual use.

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