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Project Exhibitions

The Role of Project Exhibitions

Each project exhibition shows a unique approach to industrial technology and innovation. High-quality exhibitions that delve into specific themes are offered in order to stimulate the interest of visitors to KIGS.

• Opening Project Exhibition “Play Innovation”
April 21, 2007 (Sat.) - Aug. 26, 2007 (Sun.)

  • •Topobo
    Hayes Raffle & Amanda Parkes
    MIT Media Lab (2002-2006)

  • •Cyclodrome Game DX
    KOSUGE1-16 (2007)

Outline of the Project Exhibitions

• Exhibitions explore various themes within “Industrial Technology and Innovation”
Project exhibitions on different themes will be presented for limited periods of time.

Exhibition Types:

• Products or technologies born from a certain innovation
• Interactive examples of innovation
• An exhibition connected to a workshop or event

• Exhibitions may employ various mediums.
A wide range of content is displayed using unique approaches for each exhibition.

Exhibition Types:

•Original Exhibition An exhibition on an original theme decided by KIGS
•Traveling Exhibition Another institution that has created an exhibition on a KIGS-related theme may be invited to cooperate in a joint exhibition presented at KIGS or elsewhere
•Research Results
An exhibition that announces the results of research conducted by a KIGS researcher or through a joint research venture with a cooperating institution

• The Project exhibition room aims to provide a new experience with each project exhibition.
The KIGS project exhibition room is a neutral, open space that allows for a choice of different display methods according to the content of an exhibition, thereby creating a new atmosphere each time.

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