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Theme Exhibition

The Role of the Theme Exhibition

• An Introduction to “Industrial Technology and Innovation”
This section at KIGS provides an introductory overview of the history of industrial technology and innovation.

• “Industrial Technology and Innovation” Information Kiosk
The theme exhibition features an “information kiosk” that contains a wealth of data related to technological innovations from the Edo Period to the present, researched, collected, and organized by KIGS.
You can look up many kinds of information to answer deeper questions you may have about the exhibition.

  • • Chronicle of Innovation

  • • Innovation Kiosk

Outline of the Theme Exhibition

• Chronicle of Innovation
Historical photographs and materials cover the wall and floor to tell the story of technological innovation over a period of nearly 160 years, from the 1851 London Exposition to the present day.
Approximately 2,500 events related to industrial technology and innovation are documented in chronological order along the wall, color coded by industrial field and region (world/Japan/Kitakyushu) to help quickly distinguish events. Groupings by era, relationships between regions, and the spread of technology out of individual industrial fields provide different views on the history of innovation.

• Innovation Kiosk
The key events depicted at the Innovation Chronicle, notably the top 500, are explained in great detail at the Innovation Kiosk.
Simply choose an event and it is explained through sound and images on the 65” plasma display.
For use by as many visitors as possible, the screen display and sound are available in four languages (English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean), with easy operation.

• Innovation Messages (Words of the Pioneers)
Words about technology or innovation spoken or written by people who played an active role in innovations around the world cover the wall to inspire a new generation of engineers.

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